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Legacy Planning: Control the narrative of your life

December 01, 2021 John Gigliello, CFP® Season 1 Episode 3
Invest in Knowledge
Legacy Planning: Control the narrative of your life
Show Notes

What we’ve found over the years is that when people go through the generational planning process, they experience two things: The first is great relief that it is done. The second is new excitement and renewed energy to focus on the non-financial aspects of generational planning.

This is the reflective part. It’s not legal and it’s not business. It’s the part where we get to look back on our personal journey and share the stories that we carry in our hearts. This is our gift to the next generation. They may be words or stories, pictures or actions. They may provide hope. They may provide healing.

But just as important are the things we say and do that bring US meaning because we realize that WE are the carriers of wisdom for our family. And from generation to generation, each of us is a link in the chain that binds our families together. And that link is the mark we leave—our legacy.

One of the reasons people don’t get around to estate planning is that the task seems too overwhelming and they don’t know where to start.
My name is John Gigliello, and I am a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ with the Albany Financial Group. You are listening to Invest in Knowledge, a podcast about all things financial. 

As a financial planner, I aim to educate my clients, and listeners of this podcast, so that you can take control of your financial future. 

You may be wondering, "Why is a financial professional talking about legacy planning for the generations?" Well, I do this as a service to my clients and my community because I've seen some difficult, unhappy situations when families don’t think about these issues. When no legacy planning is done, we see a range of unhappy outcomes that often impact multiple generations. 

In this episode, I break legacy planning down into Six Parts that will help you to control the narrative of your life.